Celebrating Life

We can:

    Help you celebrate the life of someone you love when they die.
    Offer a personalised funeral service that reflects their life.
    Remove the organisational burden from you at a difficult time.
    Make it an occasion to remember joy and happiness, as well as mourn their passing.

A very special funeral service

We will help you organise a very special funeral for someone you love


We offer a range of funeral services:

  • Organising the Service
  • Organising the Funeral
  • Finding a venue
  • Suggesting music
  • Helping with the writing and delivery of the eulogy
  • Organising the reception
  • ‘Build your own’ funeral – how would you like to be remembered?


Organising the Service

We will visit you at home to discuss the type of funeral service you would like. There are many aspects to consider, particularly if the deceased has not left any funeral instructions. We know it can all seem rather daunting, particularly when you are grieving. We will discuss the key areas with you and help develop an approach which you feel would be appropriate and a fitting tribute. Amongst the things to consider are:

A secular or religious service?

Would you like a secular or religious service or a mixture of both? We can liaise with your local church over the form of the service. Most members of the clergy are happy to be flexible, so long as there is a religious element and the service is otherwise appropriate to the surroundings. If you want a purely secular service then we can arrange it for you.

The form of the service

  • What music would you like? Did the deceased have a favourite song or hymn?
  • Who is to deliver the eulogy? What do you want it to say? Who else would like to speak?
  • Do you want readings – religious or not?
  • Would you like poetry, songs, hymns or a mixture?

We can advise on music, songs, readings and the general form of the service, bearing in mind the nature of the service you’re looking to create and taking into account the personality of the deceased.

Conducting the service

If the service is not taking place in a church and you have decided you don’t want a religious element to it, then we will be happy to conduct the service for you..

Organising the Funeral

Our main aim is to help you with the service. We are happy however to make all the funeral arrangements for you. We will instruct an undertaker (we are not undertakers ourselves), arrange the venue for the service and the post funeral reception. All of this will be carried out in full consultation with you.

Please note we are not undertakers, although we will happily organise an undertaker for you

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