How do we ensure the elderly get the right care at the right time?

New guidance to prevent falls in care homes watch the video. For more information on the Nottingham study follow this link

The importance of staying healthy – turn off the telly, go for a walk, eat an apple and……..

As we age, maintaining good health is important. Use it or lose it as the saying goes. This means both physical and mental health. A growing number of studies have shown that if you keep physically and mentally active, as you grow older, it can slow down the development of dementia and related conditions. Exercise regulates different growth factors which can help with neuroprotection and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain. It also promotes cerebral blood flow and improves learning. These can be particularly important when looking to slow down cognitive impairments which can lead to dementia.  Maintaining a positive outlook on life is also very important.

Two of the most common problems which can affect you as you age are Sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle tissue and Osteoporosis  which is the loss of bone density and mass. Together they form a toxic cocktail which can make you more at risk of falls and bone fractures. By regular exercise and healthy eating you can significantly reduce your risk of both.

We will be publishing a range of articles and tips on things you can do to maintain yourself in good health.

It can be simple stuff. Go for a short walk everyday. Do some simple mental arithmetic or sit down and write out a few simple sums for yourself. Anything which keeps the blood flowing, the heart ticking and your little grey cells humming away is all for the good.

Age is just a number!

As we show below however old you are, you can still be amazing!

The over 85’s sprint.
Take a look at these great images.

Paddy and Nico
The wonderful dancing skills of 80 year old Paddy and her toy boy partner Paddy and Nico

Ada Gibson
Learned to swim when she was 75. At 92 she is still going strong. Watch this video.