The Reception

The Reception


Following the service, you may want family and friends to gather at your home, in a pub, country house or elsewhere. We can help with both selecting the right venue and with catering if you wish to have the reception at home. There is a very wide variety of places that you can hold a reception. Your choice is likely to be influenced by the location of the service, the number of people you have attending and the budget you have available. We will be happy to discuss the choices and options open to you.

Build your own funeral – How would you like to be remembered?


How do you want to be remembered when you die? These days many people are planning their own funeral. You get the send off you desire and remove the burden from those left behind. We can give advice and help plan the service.
Feeling you can still exercise some control over your life can be very therapeutic.

Take a look at the Services and Information pages of the website. They will give you a starting point for the things you need to consider.

We suggest you then make a short list. It should include:

    Whether you would like a burial or cremation
    Nature of the Service
    A ‘potted’ history of the high points of your life
    Other do’s and or dont’s