Everyone has the right to a day at the seaside

It’s a universal right to get sand between your toes, smell the ozone, hear the seagulls, watch the tide lapping the shore and eat an ice cream. This Beach wheel chair.01applies if you are one or 101. Whatever stage your dementia has reached all of these can be experienced in the moment and enjoyed. They are also likely to bring back childhood memories of sore red shoulders and sand castles. And your parents slapping on sun tan oil. Yes what we once rubbed all over our bodies, we now use on the Sunday roast.  But who cared, Global warming hadn’t been invented and the only glacier you thought about was the minty one with the  polar bear on top.

Twenty woodbines might give you a cough but wouldn’t kill you, TV had two channels in black and white and no-one had an unexpected item in their bagging area!

When the sun is out a day by the sea in the UK is a wonderful experience.  It also makes me far too  nostalgic. The smell of the sea and the sound and sight of the surf are one of my favourite experiences.

Pushing a wheelchair across a beach is not a task for the faint hearted however. So when I saw the beach wheelchair it reminded me again we should never look to limit our horizons.