The right to die? Post script 1

“….nothing should be decided “lightly, wantonly or unadvisedly”.

Following on from my blog of yesterday, there is a lot more in the press today. Including a report in the Independent that a letter written by  cleric Christopher Jones who died from cancer is being sent to all members of the House of Lords urging them to oppose the Assisted Dying Bill. In his letter he states:

“….Again, this is not to say that life must be preserved at all costs, but to adapt the language of the Marriage Service on the Book of Common Prayer, nothing should be decided “lightly, wantonly or unadvisedly………….”.

That is a principle I’d endorse. It might be said I’m quoting Mr Jones out of context.  His letter does oppose assisted suicide as he calls it. However I merely quote his words and you can follow the link above to the letter to judge the context yourself. If the Bill does become law then I would not want anyone to have the right to be helped to die “lightly, wantonly or unadvisedly”.