Who cares wins

The report on the shortcomings at Mid Staffordshire Hospital has been truly shocking.

Key findings include:

  • A lack of consideration for patients
  • Acceptance of poor standards
  • A failure to put the patient first
  • A number of other hospitals are now being investigated over abnormal death rates. With a rapidly ageing population we need, more than ever, an NHS we can rely on. A hospital should be a place of safety not of dread.
    There has been much complaint about the increasing numbers of managers and administrators in hospitals. I was at a recent seminar where the talk was of “managing patient outcomes”!

    Anyone running any business knows the importance of good customer service. Hospital managers, if they don’t have a medical background, should at least have a management one.

    Whether it’s a hospital or ICI you want patients and customers who are happy with the service provided.

    The enquiry has cost over £13 million pounds which is:

  • over 2,000 hip replacements
  • 10,000 + cataract operations
  • the cost of 600 nurses for a year
  • It’s not rocket science. If I’m sick I want to be looked after. It’s what hospitals are meant to do.
    Not only is this bad for the patients and their families, it must have been a living hell for those caring medical staff who found themselves working their day after day.
    If we care we all win.

    Dying Matters Awareness Week is 13th-19th May. Borley Green in conjunction with Dying Matters is putting on an event in East Anglia. All those who work to make old age as positive an experience as possible are invited to participate. More details will follow. In the interim to register an interest email ng@borleygreen.co.uk