Beware the baby boomer time bomb!


shutterstock_134464871 old couple man over shoulderWhy knowing about dementia can be good for your business and help those living with it

FREE seminar 28th October 4.30-6.00 PM

  •  £6,700 billion (80%) of the country’s wealth is owned by the people over 50
  •  One person in three over 65 is predicted at some stage to have to live with dementia
  •  Many people with dementia want to live an ordinary life and can do so with help and support
  •  Over 50% of people living with dementia haven’t been diagnosed – but if an individual lacks mental capacity, any contract they make can be invalid
  •  A growing number of people have Powers of Attorney. Do you know difference between an Enduring, Lasting, Ordinary or Trustee Power of Attorney and what it means?
  •  Do you comply with the Dementia-friendly Financial Services Charter?

A knowledge and understanding of dementia can:

  • help you to help those who are living with it
  • increase your client base
  • avoid costly mistakes

Come to Atkins Thomson solicitors  free seminar on 28th October at the Farmers Club, Bury St Edmunds, presented by Nigel George. For more information contact Laura King on 01284 767766 or email Or email

 What people say about our seminars

 Great talk this morning. Nigel George presentations are never boring, but this one was very thought provoking…’ Andrew H Denny FCA, Managing Director Fix-a-Form International Ltd  on Life Death & George Osborne