Why age is just a number

In the age of the Zimmer frame, carpet slippers, the colostomy bag, wheel chair, hearing aid, vacant stare, broken hip, toothless grin etc. etc. its important to remember it doesn’t need to be like that. We are all living longer and must not forget that.

If you are reading this while sitting on the sofa in your tracky bottoms with a large bag of Dorito’s by your side then PUT THE BAG ON THE GROUND AND MOVE AWAY FROM IT. You can’t afford when you hit 50 to become a couch potato.

I’m straying from the point however. I came across the over 80’s hundred metres last year. How chuffed am I to discover there is now one for the over 95’s

I’m not saying everyone should be running the 100 metres when they are 95 but its important not to forget the possibility. In the words of Virgil, “They can because they think they can”

Age is only a number