How good is your quality of life?

What is the meaning of life? What do you still want to achieve before you die? Why haven’t you done it? In a letter to a girlfriend John F Kennedy wrote that if he lived to 100 he could only improve the quantity not the quality of his life.

Many of us have the manana principle; “Tomorrow I will start living my life but today I must go to the office” How many tomorrows can you guarantee you will have?

I rather stumbled into thinking about death, but in doing so its made me think a lot more about life. By appreciating one day I’ll die, it makes me value my life and those I share it with an awful lot more.

Did you bring joy to the world and have you found joy? How good is the quality of your life?

12th-18th May is Dying Matters Awareness week. Ageing with Optimism, The Death Café and others will be in the arc in Bury St Edmunds all day on Monday. Details below:

You only die once – Dying Matters Awareness Week 12th-18th May – Talking about death wont kill you! (PS – talking about sex doesn’t make you pregnant!)

 The Arc 9.00 am – 5.00 pm  12th May  + Death Cafe 12.00-2.00 at the Quaker Meeting House St John Street Bury St Edmunds

 Dying Matters is part of the National Council for Palliative Care. Every year they hold a Dying Matters Awareness week to encourage people to think about the kind of death they would like to have. We would all like to have a good death, but if we never talk about it how can we know it will happen?

By talking about it :

We begin to appreciate life more and realise it wont last forever – don’t wait till you are dying to write a bucket list

It better prepares us to deal with it when the inevitable happens

We can learn to accept it.  Its not always easy to do, but by accepting it  and helping others to accept it you can help a loved one have a good death

 There will be an event in the arc all day Monday with a Death Cafe hosted by Nigel George at lunch time. Why not join him to contemplate life and death over a biscuit and a cup of tea