Do you live in a dementia friendly environment?

It’s Dementia Awareness week until the 25th May. Do take part. Dementia will affect 1 in 3 over the age of 65. We all need to learn more.

Many of us view dementia as a loss of memory and the ability to communicate. But what about the ability to see, or more to the point to understand what we see? This week is Dementia Awareness week. I went yesterday to the East Suffolk Alzheimer’s Society’s exhibition at University Campus Suffolk

This room is not dementia friendly I was told. I looked quizzical. The wall is the same colour as the floor. Some people with dementia wouldn’t be able to tell where one ended and the other began and would walk into the wall. The very nice lady (I am sorry I don’t remember your name) went on to tell the story of one woman whose husband would pee on the mat in front of the toilet as it was the same colour as the toilet. Change the mat colour and bingo he began peeing in the bowl. The poor guy could differentiate between the two.

Similarly put a white plate on a white tablecloth and the plate can disappear. Put a red cloth under the plate and it all comes back in to focus.

It had never occurred to me that people suffering from dementia could be so affected. So the next time you have an elderly relative round who is suffering from dementia have a pause for thought. Is the look of bewilderment, genuine befuddlement or just a case that they cant tell were one pastel shade ends and another begins

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