The oldest barmaid in the universe?

The hunt goes on for signs of water on Mars.

But is this a true sign of life? If you’re really looking for signs of civilisation then don’t you need to find a decent pub? What is the point of the universe if you can’t get a good pint of bitter – I know people say its doesn’t travel. They could beam it up!

As it stands we are the only known planet in the universe which has pubs. And so we can proclaim that Dolly Saville is the oldest barmaid, not just on earth, but in the whole universe!

Dolly will be 99 in April and is still pulling pints on a regular basis at the Red Lion Hotel in Wendover. She is a great great grandmother. There are clearly some strong genes at work in the Saville family.

“There’s no stopping, you just keep going, I love the work and I love the people here” said Dolly.
Dolly hopes to teach the pub trade to her great great grandchild who was born last November. Go for it Dolly. Why shouldn’t you still be pulling pints at 117!