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Ronnie, Reggie and George – How to save on Inheritance Tax

 You pay Inheritance tax at 40% – How to save that “eight bob in the pound” If you missed my talk, to Bury Chamber this morning on Inheritance Tax (‘IHT’) I’ve set out the notes below. The reference above is to Ronnie

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“If you are lost, then I will find you.”

            “Ich hab mich verloren” (“I am lost.”)  The words of Auguste Deter – the first person ever diagnosed with dementia – came back to me as the wonderful Dr Jennifer Bute, told us about

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Beware the baby boomer time bomb!

  Why knowing about dementia can be good for your business and help those living with it FREE seminar 28th October 4.30-6.00 PM  £6,700 billion (80%) of the country’s wealth is owned by the people over 50  One person in

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Dementia my family and I – advice for the individual and for business

Dementia at home and work – the legal (and non-legal)  implications Eighty percent of the nations wealth is owned by those over 50.  The numbers of people living with dementia over the age of 65 is on the increase. What are

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The right to die? Post script 1

“….nothing should be decided “lightly, wantonly or unadvisedly”. Following on from my blog of yesterday, there is a lot more in the press today. Including a report in the Independent that a letter written by  cleric Christopher Jones who died from cancer

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The right to die – assisted death or assisted suicide?

  Should we have the right to decide whether we live or die? Is it  right to help a person end their life? Since 1961 it has not been illegal to commit suicide. The State recognises we  have the right to end

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Poor care could get you five years in jail

It’s time all those involved in the care of the vulnerable woke up to their obligations under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (‘the Act’). Eighty per cent of people living in care homes have a form of dementia or severe memory

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Can you still be made to retire at 65?

  Since April 2011 you have not been able to dismiss employees just because they’ve reached the age of 65.  So can you still have a retirement age of 65?  Yes provided you can show “it was a proportionate way

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Can you disinherit your children?

Until recently the view was yes.  The Inheritance (provision for family and dependants) Act 1975 (‘the Act) was interpreted as not allowing adult non-dependant children to make a claim against your estate other than in exceptional circumstances.  The case of

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The Right to say NO

  We all have the right to refuse medical treatment.  If it is carried out without our consent then it can constitute an assault and give rise to both civil and criminal proceedings.  But what is the position if we

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