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Why age is just a number

In the age of the Zimmer frame, carpet slippers, the colostomy bag, wheel chair, hearing aid, vacant stare, broken hip, toothless grin etc. etc. its important to remember it doesn’t need to be like that. We are all living longer and must not forget that. If you are reading this while sitting on the sofa in […]

I want the kids to get it

What to do if you have forgotten to sever the joint tenancy, but you still want your kids to get your half of the house Often, where there has been a second marriage, the parties to it wish to leave their respective shares in the matrimonial home to the children from their first marriage. In […]

Extra time

Did you hear Wilko Johnson’s interview on BBC Radio 4′s Front Row last night? Wilko is a musician and former guitarist with the band Dr Feelgood. He’s been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given 10 months to live. He can stretch this to 12 apparently with the aid of chemotherapy. Wilko has decided to […]

Love at first sight

I saw a client today. We got to discussing what he would want said when he died. I asked him how he’d met his wife. ‘It was love at first sight’ he said. ‘On our first date we went to the cinema and saw Meet Me in St Louis. On the way back I asked […]

Death Island Disc

It’s a four hour round trip from Borley Green to Covent Garden, discounting the time spent staring at the departure board. So four hours to spend another two talking about death may sound a little strange. On the 26th November I visited the Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden. A Death Cafe was being held […]